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VIRUDHI – A Journey Down the Garden Path

Inspired by the simple, enduring olfactory pleasures found in an herb garden, our VIRUDHI GILAAS Candle and Incense delivers a warm glow while filling the air with a fragrance that’s reminiscent of a herb garden. No-Mad’s new fragrance VIRUDHI re-balances and refreshes by mixing velvety leaves of sage and rosemary’s evergreen sprigs with uplifting vetiver and a dash of citrus.

Like a stroll through a Mediterranean garden, the fragrant expression of VIRUDHI candle blends elements of relaxation and stimulation to perfection. Since ancient times, this fragrant palette of leaves, sprigs, rinds and twigs have healed the body and soothed the mind, rooting us to the earth while encouraging imagination to take flight. Thankfully you won’t need a pestle or press to experience these healing benefits – the strike of a match is all it takes !

Crafted from a hand poured, clean-burning blend of natural materials and essential oils, VIRUDHI brings the pleasure of the garden indoors. Presented in No-Mad’s interpretation of an Indian lassi-glass shaped aluminium container and wrapped in our signature red BUTA fabric.

Shop the new No-Mad VIRUDHI Gilass Candle and Incense HERE

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