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VAYU Table Linen


Drawing inspiration from our best-selling ISAYU design, VAYU refines and enlarges Moroccan Fez inspired geometric patterns and reproduces their most essential lines. it becomes minimal in this version. It is actually a zoom,   an exaggerated magnification that gives the spirit, the essence of this so characteristic embroidery. Embroidered in traditional Indian “chawal taka” style,  VAYU table linen adds an inviting, graphic element to the table. No-Mad draws inspiration from elsewhere and reinvents this other culture, makes it travel in its simplest form. The result is timeless and minimalist, a fusion between India, Morocco and elsewhere.

The VAYU Table Linen works well when combined with other elements from our collection like our DHRUTIKA Copper Cutlery  and Olive PANKTI fabric. Shop the OLIVE Vayu Table Linen online here




Discover our Table Top Collection inspired by everyday India on our Web-shop HERE

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