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Turban Talk

Turban Talk

Tell me what turban you wear and I shall tell you who you are…There is a saying in India that a man is half discovered by the turban he wears. What are the mysteries that this fabric conceals?
A language of the turban. An ancestral art in Rajasthan, a region where a head-gear is worn with immense pride and where color, motifs speak for the fabric. Impossible to escape the meaning… profession, caste, region, emotional life are as many aspects as the knot unravels. Here is a short summary for decoding:
• Color, the man will change: Seasons, events of life influence the shades of a fabric. White is reserved for the family of departed one, bright colors such as red or magenta are preferred for a marriage. But Sikhs specially love dark blue, saffron or orange.
• Accessory, he will sport: a feather in the band? The wearer then displays a wealthy and prosperous lineage.
• Printed, he will adapt: a bouquet of mimosas for instance, protects from an evil eye.. .as for twigs of a tree, they symbolize love and are reserved for the young bridegroom.
• With an exchange, he will fraternize: nothing is stronger as a sign of friendship than an exchange of turbans
• The style of rolling/ wrapping a turban: for a city dweller, aesthetics are of prime importance. A knot in that case, is fine and compact. In rural areas, the practical aspect prevails over everything else. The important thing is to be protected from the sun or the rain.
For No-Mad, a turban is a reference, a hand extended towards tradition, a manner of presenting one’s fabrics inspired by the life of yesterday and today….


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