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The Slow Life !


The Italians call it Dolce Farniente while Danes embrace it as Hygge, both referring to a way of life which has become very popular over the last few years and a nod towards making everyday spaces more comfortable and soothing in small ways. Both may be different phrases but they refer to the same underlying idea of wellness, which at No-Mad we simply refer to as the S L O W Life…

When we say S L O W in the No-Mad universe, we mean deriving pleasures from simple moments – a good book, a refreshing bath, a relaxing massage, a nice homemade meal shared with friends and family and surrounded by the textiles and objects that we love…We refer to this general idea of well-being by learning to take time to slow down and look after ourselves, to allow time to daydream & to travel within on an inner journey !

Today, we may have different variants and interpretations of these ancient philosophies, but the inherent idea still remains the same. In fact, in India we have been following these principles of slow living for a long time now. From Yoga to Ayurveda, they all propose to live consciously, to connect with one’s inner self and to live in a peaceful environment reminiscent of a nest !











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