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No-Mad India

The NANDI Wall

Over the past couple of months, visitors to the No-Mad fabric shop have assured us that our little space in the bazaar is indeed an “oasis”. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, there is one corner that everyone admires…even those who haven’t visited us yet in person ! This corner is our beloved wall of Nandi Dolls.

What started off as elaborate swatches, became products themselves sometime ago. Now finally, in a visually stunning grid of nine, the Nandi dolls are a true reflection of the colors, prints and fabrics that we are most excited to share with you at a particular time in the No-Mad Fabric Shop. Funnily enough, while they are meant to set the mood for shopping our latest collection of textiles and fabric, so many from our tribe end up picking the dolls themselves…straight off the wall !



Shop our Wall Art consisting of Nandi Portraits , Calenders and Dolls online on our Webshop HERE. If you’d like a custom Nandi Doll in any of our fabrics email us and we’d be happy to create a Nandi (or nine) for your wall as well !


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