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The Fabric Shop GADDA



At the entrance, you take off your shoes, sit cross-legged and wait for the seller to unpack his products. Sounds familiar? True to traditional Indian fabric shops, the No-Mad Fabric Shop also welcomes its visitors to kick off their shoes, sit on a large gadda, and explore highlights from our collections of soft furnishings, fabrics by the meter and small accessories.

The fabric shop gadda is central to creating this unique and intimate space in the heart of the bazaar. It is meant to put people at ease, slow down and take their time to shop in comfort. The large gadda has space to display our latest offerings of cushion covers, bed covers and even throw mattresses. Multiple setups on this very gadda allow people to use their imagination and visualize a bed, a reading corner or a festive ‘baithak’ !

Every week in the fabric shop we iron, stretch and tuck in the sheet over the gadda, fluff up the cushions and make small changes here and there. Soft tunes in the background, the smell of our signature scents and light streaming through the window above the gadda make this weekly ritual one we look forward to very much…




Wander into the Bazaar and explore our Collection of Handmade Textiles and more at the No-Mad Fabric Shop in Mumbai. Shop our Throw Mattresses, inspired by the traditional Indian Gaddas on our web-shop HERE

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