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The Last Taxi rides…

The Last Taxi rides…

Honking of horns and demands face the progressive loss of the traditional taxis of Mumbai.

A part of the tradition is gradually heading towards the scrap yard.

Each taxi is the counterpart of another… black, yellow, small. Together, they create a community, the Premier Padmini Fiat a model which is no longer manufactured. A car that is gradually being replaced; its old, poor condition pollutes the air quality in Mumbai. But it also beautifies the city, confers on it this incomparable charm. It is amply alive in several Bollywood films but with every actual death of a specimen, what does one loose?
* the pleasure of seeing the city go past under its feet, its floor is so worn out, even full of holes.
* the souvenir of a horse-drawn carriage that the Fiat Premier Padmini has replaced.
* the happiness of chauffeurs, owners of a car at an unbeatable maintenance price.
* the pleasure of paying up to 16 times the price indicated on the mechanical meter (crazy).
* the contrast by living one of the last non-air conditioned experiences of the country.
* the emblem of each chauffeur decorating his car.
* guiding through experience… in a Premier Padmini Fiat, GPSes are persona non grata.
* the authentic sound of a horn of the 50’s.






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