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The sweetness of expertise

The sweetness of expertise

Warm, thin, light and sweet … cashmere wool has been used for the most beautiful shawls decorated with traditional motifs. No-Mad is inspired.

They wrapped women for many years … or is it men? In India, cashmere shawls were primarily reserved for men who wore a turban or belt. Originally of grey color, down of the Kasmir goat is whitened, if necessary, with rice flour before being dyed. Once woven , cashmere is often embroidered … and the delicacy of the matter requires real expertise. Traditional designs adorn fabrics and No-Mad is inspired by them.

These motifs, the brand has expanded to 2000 % to give rise to embroidered fragments for cushion covers and small mattress. Each style has its own fragment pattern . For No- Mad , the embroidery is done by machine, but sometimes it is so tedious that it becomes a real meticulous work . Prior all designs are printed on the fabric , every detail is then embroidered individually. An attention of every moment is necessary to treat the piece to embroider with care and respect . From this expertise , a unique and authentic work is born . Close to the tradition , always.






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