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A sky blue collection..

A sky blue collection

No-Mad opens up its color palette, to make room for blue. Not a bold royal blue but a soft grayish blue. A guide to dream and relax.

The color blue is used to color gods and goddesses. It symbolizes pure sentiments, truth, courage and makes one think of the ocean, the sky. The color of water, blue nourishes, refreshes, provides the mind with its wisdom. Like Rama and Krishna who have a blue skin, this color protects the world from darkness and evil.

For this No-Mad collection, blue is light, mixed with white and grey for more depth, to achieve more introspection. It combines with deep plum to revive the flame and fervor of the latter. It juggles with contrasts, with opposites which finally blend into a new collection made of life and sweetness.
The No-Mad BLUE Collection launches at the Salon Vivre Cote Sud, Parc Jourdan, Aix-En-Provence from 5th to 8th June 2015.


Discover and Shop No-Mad’s BLUE Collection online HERE¬†

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