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Handmade Serving Tray

No-Mad likes to tweak traditions to write new stories that fit into our contemparory lifestyle. True to its philosophy of revisiting mundane everyday objects, we tweaked the traditional Indian Thali. A simple object that is used to eat food in, the Thali (serving tray) is found across every household in India.  We imagined the Thali as a tray, in different sizes that fit in one another, like the Russian Matryoshka dolls, again a part of our 3% elsewhere philosophy.

Handmade tray

Handmade using metal and coated with a sturdy polyurethane coating, the Thali tray comes in 5 different sizes and colors, matching the No-Mad Textile collection. The handles are hand stringed using 100% cotton cords in complimentary colors.

The trays are ideal to use as a serving tray for tea, combined with other elements like the Tea pot and Ceramic Tea Bowls from our collection. Use it as a breakfast tray. Place it on a buffet, home bar or dining table for a stylish way to present everything from condiments to petit fours. The Thali Tray was awarded the EDIDA award for best product in the Kitchenware category for its classic design and multipurpose functionality.


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