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Sarah Carlier – The No-Mad Woman


This summer, we shot the new No-Mad collection in Marrakesh with our Creative Director Valerie Barkowski and Russian photographer, Tania Panova . A formidable team, these two. Together they give life to ideas,  crazy ones at times. Launch of the new season for No-Mad. When one says launch, one also says photo shooting. The 3rd for the brand.  The first time, it was Abdelhadi who had taken the pose. A man to represent the brand. The second, we had chosen a ‘hand’, elegant and minimalist. This time, it seemed obvious to Valerie to have a woman as an effigy of the brand. She chose,  Sarah Carlier, a young Belgian singer whose paternal roots are Belgo-Congolese and maternal, Chadian. They had already worked together. There was already a rapport between the two and Valerie  liked her style, her attitude, her physique. It seemed naturally in tune with No-Mad and  its values.

From singer to mannequin

The only problem?  Sarah Carlier is not a model.  Accustomed to the scene, to the looks, but nevertheless less to the poses and the objectives. Valerie’s proposal caught Sarah off guard, though Valerie on the other hand was sure of her choice, of the spontaneity and freshness Sarah would bring to the shooting. Eventually she accepted the challenge and after a few days of intense shooting in Marrakech , we’re not disappointed. The images are up to our expectations. Sarah today is already preparing her 4th album that she will probably record in Morocco …



Know more about Sarah Carlier and her music here :

Discover Sarah’s Playlist for the No-Mad Shoot HERE

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