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SAHAJ Ceramic Collection


If we do not pay heed, certain traditions gradually disappear. Through sheer facility,  practicality. Such could be the case for kulhars, these terracotta bowls that vendors distribute with tea at street corners. No-Mad created its own version of kulhar to continue to keep the custom alive.   

On the road, at the station, at the corner shop, Indian kulhars are distributed in thousands each day.  A kulhar, is this little terracotta bowl in which one traditionally serves tea, yoghurt or desserts. One takes it in hand quickly stopping for a few moments in the course of the day. A kulhar is not painted nor varnished. Actually, it is to be thrown after use ensuring hygiene for each consumer. Its crude appearance and its rustic manufacture even give an earthly taste to the tea that one pours in it. Today, the kulhar tradition is waning.  One still finds these bowls but earthenware bowls tend to make room for plastic glasses, which are lighter, simpler and less expensive. Very keen not to see them disappear, No-Mad has created its own range of kulhars, traditionally, in order to make these ephemeral bowls albeit several thousand years old last forever, in order to remember, to continue to keep them alive.

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