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No-Mad India

The PLUM Collection

The PLUM Collection

Can purple and plum be mixed up? Certainly not, as both are distinctly different. Coming from the same mixture each of these two colors spreads a different ambiance and hence they are “very No-Mad ».

The fruit skin is just ripe. Full of water and sun. Its shades are subtle and intense. A plum is ready to be eaten but first one gets inspired, one tries to reproduce. One tries to capture the intense and bold color of what is known as « plum ». This violet which is so refined, so special that it gives a sensation of comfort. In the mix of colors which has brought out this shade, the proportion of warm tones has been accentuated with respect to the usual violet. Once controlled, the color « plum » gives the impression of elegance, of the extraordinary. It flirts with purple. But keeps its own identity. It is mature, radiant but remains discreet. It blends easily. And it is above all highlighted on No-Mad fabrics. The beginning of a new range that will be called «the plum collection ».

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