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PAAN Candle ~ From the streets of Mumbai..

A P A A N Candle

A paan is chewed. Today a paan lends its fragrance through a No-Mad candle. A product created by digging into the tradition of streets, ceremonies and day to day life.

Shapes vary. Spices are different. But tradition remains unchanged. ‘Paan walas’ are still around with their very special, familiar ‘smell’. A paan is a part of Indian culture and serves as a digestive to millions of Indians. Traditionally, a paan is comprised of a betel leaf applied with a mixture of chalk, areca nut and a mixture of spices which can vary from one Paanwala to another. Cardamom, nutmeg, saffron… at times tobacco. The manner of folding the Paan is also personal. Bought for a few Rupees, accessible to all, a Paan can be chewed all day round. It exudes red saliva. It is also offered to divinities. It is present in great events, official ceremonies as in marriages. It is a symbol of hospitality. It takes care of guests. It is everywhere. Intact.

A tradition which has not gone unnoticed for No-Mad. But how do you re-invent it? By capturing its fragrance in a candle, simply called P A A N. Incense was also born from this same influence. For these two different products with an identical fragrance, three levels of superimposed scents… as a heady note: mint, nut and betel leaf, green lime. Then come aniseed, crushed rose petals, areca nut, betel nut once again. And finally, rose jam, sandal wood paste and liquorice. Composition is exact, complex and the scent that emerges transports us to the heart of a paanwala’s shop. A reference that No-Mad loves by creating these products, 100% Indian but also 100 % contemporary.





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