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No-Mad India

No-Mad on the Mood Board

No-Mad on the Mood Board

A mood board. A personality. And one or several ideas drawn from the universe of No-Mad. The brand is assembled with creativity. One has to just dare or simply attempt.

One inspiration by the side of another. They complement each other. They call for another. They come together, complete each other. They create a clean, unique, personal universe. They play with No-Mad products like a child would bounce pebbles in the water. They come together on the mood board. A creative support with which Valérie Barkowski juggles. A board made of pictures of furniture, fabrics, accessories, details which are embroidered around a product or a No-Mad print. What about style? It varies. Even if the brand is resolutely Indian, it blends according to tastes, seasons, whims and fancies. It loves multiculturalism and the riches which flow from it. It melts into a traditional universe, as ethnic or shabby chic. The possibilities are endless provided that it appeals at first sight.


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