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No-Mad Limited ~ Not Always available !


The House of No-Mad brings you a collection of products which, much like you, is not in the mood to be always available. A motley bunch of objects and textiles which we will launch as and when inspiration strikes. Made to order and Limited in numbers, these are not just completely handmade, but also 100% heart-made.

Sign out. Step back.
Refuse an invitation or two.
Refresh. Reboot. Replenish.
Log out. Unfollow.
Deactivate. Disconnect.
Save a bit of yourself. For yourself.
Developing vs draining
Training vs tagging.
Preserving vs pleasing.
Choosing. Declining. Prioritizing.
Friends. Not friends of friends.
Neighbors. Not the entire network.
Hold back. Set boundaries.
Observe. Don’t comment.
Reflect. Don’t share.
Put yourself out there – But be limited.
And buy LIMITED. 

nomad-india-limited-kunda-wooden-plain-bowls-1  nomad-india-kunda-monk-bowls-1





A master class in craft, sustainability, and tradition, the KUNDA wooden crockery consists of a limited collection of handmade wooden objects, individual pieces all hand-lathed from one section of wood. Crafted from the strong, dense grain of Rohida wood, these elegant wooden objects trace their roots to the monks of India’s Jain community and are a poetic expression of utility and timeless style. Shop KUNDA HERE


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