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No-Mad in the Indian bazaar..


Return to the source, to the essential, also to daily life, to these objects that one sees but not look at any more. Give them the rightful, deserved recognition. Respect them for what they are… witnesses of Indian culture, an integral part of its existence. The No-Mad brand has straight away inscribed this desire in its philosophy. And its will was to include products of the Indian bazaar in its collections. Which ones ? Tea glasses made of glass, hammered aluminium bowls, others made of dried leaves for one time usage, to fight the invasion of plastic, cutlery with copper handles, as many articles that participate in the wealth of daily life, in its diversity. As many pieces which are worth being noticed. These products will be included in the No-Mad shop… a new department comprised of items to be rediscovered to give a desire to one and all to justifiably reabsorb them in their lives.

Discover the No-Mad Bazaar Collection online HERE

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