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No-Mad Fabric Shop ~ A new beginnning


After several years of online existence, No-Mad opens its own shop. A space dedicated entirely to its collections. A new step for the brand but also for the grand bazaar of the city of Mumbai in India. No-Mad is indeed the first brand to open a store in this area. Where ? In the heart of the bazaar, in the iconic Mangaldas market, the fabric market. What better place to allow everyone to discover No-Mad fabrics ?

The space used to be a No-Mad Workshop a few years back when we started work on the brand.  Our founder, Anuj had this crazy idea of opening a fabric shop , inspired by the traditional fabric shops in the surrounding neighbourhood. What he thought was an audacious idea, was met with a lot of positive feedback, especially from our Creative Director Valerie Barkowski. She was excited about the whole idea and  immediately thought of traditional Indian fabric stores, their habit of occupying small spaces in the middle of which a large mattress is arranged. At the entrance, you take off your shoes, sit cross-legged and wait for the seller to unpack his products. Faithful to its philosophy, No-Mad draws on this tradition anchored to revisit it.

At the No-Mad shop also the large mattress is central. The walls are off-white, the fabrics and cushions cover the mattress. On both sides shelves are displayed with the fabrics but also the candles, the incense, the trays, the glass jars, the posters of the Nandi icon. A place dedicated to No-Mad and true to its image and values of the brand.




no-mad-india-fabric-shop-gadda-04 (1)


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