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No-Mad and the Chaiwalas…


They don’t need much…a small stove, a kettle and their business takes off, at a street corner, in the countryside, on any flat surface or on a rock. They are known as chaiwalas and have been a part of Indian life since decades. Anywhere and everywhere, they serve tea to a passer-by, traditionally in glasses or kulhars, these one-time use terracotta cups. Today, these traditions are disappearing and plastic glasses are in use indiscriminately. Is that yet another beautiful habit on its way out? No-Mad does not want that to happen. The brand has decided to let this ordinary daily life article being transformed undetected to live on. It has taken charge of this Indian tea tradition and has reinvented it in its style. The kettle has become a tea-pot as such. The glass has been brought out to be enhanced on the No-Mad table, matching the fabrics of the brand and above all its authentic and timeless philosophy. Indian tea is here and there, represented by small respectful touches of its thousand year history.

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