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No-Mad Bartan Bazaar

We started the festive season with the idea of #comehometoyourself and find ourselves growing more attached to it as we get ready to welcome a new decade.

Seeking authenticity and comfort in one’s inner and outer sanctuary, being open to new journeys and surrounding oneself with the people and objects one loves seems like a fitting way to enjoy this festive season ! In the No-Mad universe, #comehometoyourself took a new meaning as well. We found ourselves returning to the place we know best – our favorite source of inspiration, the B A Z A A R !

Celebrating the best of India, with a special No-Mad twist of course, our No-Mad BARTAN BAZAAR is a collection and curation of hand crafted objects and tableware for gourmands and voyagers alike ! Shop Kansa, a legendary metal tradition known for both its luxurious and therapeutic qualities. Or pick up our simple but modern interpretation of stunning terracotta tableware. Stylish copper, light aluminium, warm wood, and so many other materials and techniques make our BARTAN BAZAAR a truly unique homage to India’s eternal love affair with the beauty of the everyday. The No-Mad Bartan Bazaar launches online and in-store at the No-Mad Fabric Shop in Mumbai on 16th December 2019 !








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