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Nandi’s Portrait

Nandi Portrait

Nandi poses and exposes. She has become the muse of No-Mad and her portrait henceforth dominates the interiors here and elsewhere.

Nandi looks at us straight in the eyes. She is royal. Adorned. Embellished. It is Nandi, No-Mad’s muse but above all it is a sacred cow of India. A divine animal, respected and protected. We see her in the streets. Also at the entrance of temples. She has even been deified. She who is seen as a universal mother. The one who gives her milk to all. The sound « Ma » which means « mother » comes from her. She feeds us. We must therefore honour her life. Never will an Indian pass by her side without touching her and then putting his hands on her head as a tribute. He sees all gods in her… And five sacred products are extracted from her: milk, curd, butter, urine and cow dung. We give them in offering or use them in daily life. A blessing which has come from a venerated animal. Possessing a cow is moreover a good sign. And if Friday is a day dedicated to women, it is also so to cows. A woman washes her hair, bathes herself in saffron water, puts on a pretty sari and wears a bindi. A ritual partially applied to the cow.This ritual, No-Mad has been inspired by it and created jewels specially for Nandi. Red and powerful. An attire made prominent, immortalised in a portrait. Beautiful pictures, which can henceforth adorn a home.

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