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Mirror Embroidery : Handmade with Love !


At No-Mad, we love the essence of working with hand..We believe in the imperfection of the human hand..the fact that each piece is same but still unique…each bearing a distinct signature of the hands that make them..For our new LIHAAZ collection, we worked with embroiderers from the region of Gujarat, in the north-west of India. This region specializes in a craft tradition which consists of embroidering small mirrors on fabrics with hand. Shimmering colors that sparkle by their shades but also by the small mirrors they contain. No-Mad is immersed in this tradition that gives the textile its luster and personality. An embroidered piece has been developed. Each mirror is embroidered by hand, usually with cotton thread using the buttonhole point. The first development is the LIHAAZ Cushion cover and LIHAAZ table linen..more developments will follow soon as we dive deeper into this lustrous world of mirror embroidery.




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