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The meaning behind the appearance…

The meaning behind the appearance

Made by hand but also made with the heart and conviction. No-Mad remains loyal to its philosophy up to the smallest of details. Everything is profoundly thought, intensely created and then… consciously packed.

The meaning. The leitmotif of No-Mad, its common thread … which runs through from the choice of Nandi, the holy cow in the guise of a mascot to the selection of the BUTA motif for packing the articles. BUTA means « cross » in Hindi, a strong symbol, a sign of belonging to Indian life. Once again, No-Mad draws heavily into the roots of the culture, in its foundations, in its truth.

This cross, it is shown and shines brightly with its intense red on the packaging bags. Printed bags, closed by a simple, beautiful, natural string. These bags, one can even find a new life for them, another utility, like a glimpse into this common culture which unites us. Each one of them holds a secret, an object created with humility and integrity. It is the same thing for our card boxes stitched by hand…What are they hiding? Discrete candles cast in aluminium vessels with reference to popular vessels.

That is what they need, as some would say … At No-Mad, one rather lives in a spiral which is evolving, which is incessantly complementing itself, which is enriching itself without anything being left to chance.






Discover more behind the scenes activity in the No-Mad Workshop HERE

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