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LIHAAZ – The Jain Cosmography


In Jainism, no line of time is straight, motionless. Everything is perceived in circularity. Time is a circle composed of a period of splendor and decline. An irremediable dynamic. The wheel of life which dispenses its joys and its sorrows. This way of perceiving the world has for centuries been immortalized by an incredible cosmography. Rich drawings depicting the strata of life made up of demonic beings, humans and enlightened beings – the sages who have come to nirvana. Supports to the Jain religion born ten centuries before our era and always real and embodied today.

It is in the very philosophy of No-Mad to tap into its Indian roots, to draw inspiration from the foundations. For the new collection, we  turned to the essence … the perception of the time that passes – or should we say, that circulates in the vital spiral. From this Jain vision, world maps are absolutely fabulous and rich in teaching. Symbols and meanings that attract us, intrigue us,  allow us to touch a nurturing part of Indian culture.






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