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Four Legs Revived

Four Legs Revived

Some wood and some string make a bed. A charpoi is a ‘classic’ of Indian culture. An object of daily life on which No-Mad has dwelt.

You can simply stretch out on it, without any intermediary. You can easily have your siesta there. In the house. In the street. In India, a charpoi is everywhere, very typical. This bed, in its simplest form is called by a host of names. Charpoi, Manjaa, Khatt, different appellations for the same reality dedicated to relaxation. Charpoi, signifies four legs… most of the time made of wood, as is the framework of this rudimentary bed. For a mattress, there are ropes plaited and assembled to form a kind of a tight net.

An object of daily life… a piece of furniture which does not attract attention any more, except that of No-Mad. The brand has decided to acquire this classic, to honour it. Here, wood has been abandoned in favour of black, dull, elegant metal. The seating is of plaited, tied strings. But the strings have colour. Shades which are not left to chance but which are blended with textiles of the No-Mad collection… black, red, purple, green.… Tones revive the charpoi, give it a new look. While its shape remains identical….





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