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No-Mad India

NANDI : Who am I ?


Sacred? Yes, since thousands of years.
Beautiful? Yes, with perfect proportions.
Iconic? Yes, the shape of my body catches everybody’s eye. My features hide a mythological face. People whisper wishes that they address to Shiva in my ear ….
I have always been the keeper of the temple. Today I am an icon.
But let me introduce myself. I am Nandi, the mythical vehicle of Shiva.
I spread gaiety around me and it is this halo of energy that seduced No-Mad, a brand which has today made me its mascot…
No-Mad, is a project full of meaning such that I am shown bare at first. Pure, serene, I prepare myself to receive colors and designs. From this creativity, are born adornments which are revealed in fragments….I play to suggest which can help people  appreciate beauty better.

Shop our NANDI Wall art, inspired by Devotional Indian Poster art on our web-shop HERE

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