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Indigo Daydream

In the No-Mad universe, we design timeless textiles to be mixed and matched, across seasons…

Our Indigo VAYU and LEHEZA mattress layered over a custom outdoor Indigo PATTA daybed makes for the perfect Indigo
D A Y D R E A M. Embroidered VAYU cushions in natural-dyed khadi pair well with the graphic tartan brushstrokes of our outdoor Indigo CHOWKAD printed canvas cushions. Floor cushions in our signature prints, an outdoor Indigo BUTA chair for lounging, and a simple cane mat complete this outdoor setting…best enjoyed with a fresh salad & summer coolers !


Browse our entire Indigo collection and more at the No-Mad Fabric Shop over a cup of chai. We’d be happy to assist you with custom orders to help create and style your ideal outdoor nest this summer !

Address: 3C-209, 1st Floor, Mangaldas Market Building, Kitchen Garden Lane, Mumbai – 400002



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