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Herbal Tea !


At No-Mad, we are big fans of fresh herbal teas….simple and light but yet so refreshing ! While we remain partial to the Indian Masala Chai to kick start our day (See our recipe here) , as the day progresses, we prefer to sip on these lighter home made teas. What is a herbal tea exactly you may ask? Well, to start with it is not a tea..Simply put, it is just plain boiled water infused with fresh herbs like lemon grass , ginger, mixed mints, romarin..The possibilities are endless..You could also add some honey, if you like it sweet.. or a few drops lemon for its acidity…It is so open, healthy and easy…During the summer months, we prefer to have them cold…usually infusing the water with some cooling ingredients like sliced cucumbers, mint leaves and lemon.






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