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GREY Collection


Grey of sadness. Sorrow. Melancholy. A colour which is not easy, that cannot be expressed. However, grey can also be soft. Calm. Reassuring. It blends  perfectly with other colours. It enhances tones, gives depth, puts into perspective. It has become modern, sober and professional. In reality, it is part of life, of the beauty of landscapes, the majesty of animals. In India, it goes unnoticed and is yet omnipresent, declined in all its tonalities, in all its natural forms.   No-Mad has chosen this new colour for its next    collection. The brand has always wanted to be totally inspired by India. It has swept away bright colours which are so representative of the country and get interested in greys which are everywhere, as a watermark. The result is soft, harmonious, sober and closely personal. Greys open new windows to India, new creative perspectives for No-Mad.




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