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Green Living

Green Living

No-Mad grows. And what better color to symbolize the growth than green? Bright, young, sparkling … a burst of life in our homes.

Day and green go together. As this color is associated with joy, generosity, kindness and birth. Green primordial waters also gave life and Vishnu, the carrier of the world; didn’t he want to be embodied in a turtle? Fruitful, this tone brings serenity and creativity. It is inseparable from nature, its strength and its beauties.

These are the virtues that No- Mad wished to print in its creations. And the brand has chosen a light and intense green, bursting with youth as could be a bud in the spring, like a juicy apple. It is tender and warm. Nor totally hot nor completely cold. It symbolizes the vital energy, that energy that animates No-Mad throughout its creations.

The No-Mad GREEN Portfolio is online at
Collection launches online on 1st February 2015 at

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