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Follow No-Mad 97%India on Pinterest

Follow No-Mad 97India on Pinterest

The essence of No-Mad… Objects of daily life revived according to the philosophy of the brand but it is also a large universe made of images and colours which gives life to inspiration. To be discovered via the Pinterest page of No-Mad. To be followed, to be shared.

I pin when I wander on the web …that is so easy! And then at times, I stroll down in other people’s space, I watch and I allow myself to be seduced. Then I exchange and pin again. I create my universe, I give it a body, I incorporate it in a space of colours, culture, faces.

No-Mad also unveils its universe on Pinterest, this social network in which one collects images, photos which lead to inspiration, at times to meditation. On this page, above all, one discovers India, its colours, its habits, some of its details. One travels, one lends attention to the achievements of the brand taken under different angles, one visits the side-wings of production but above all, one tastes the country…. India, mother earth of No-Mad, a country of inspiration. And then, one escapes it a little to discover the 3% elsewhere… these ideas which fully participate in the philosophy of the brand. The Pinterest page of No-Mad is there, hospitable, open for wandering. Let your journey to its universe be gorged with interest, beauty and colours.


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