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Follow the lines of a Kolam..

Follow the lines of a Kolam..

Kolam is drawn on the ground but it is printed in the heart and in the mind. No-Mad is wrapped up in the designs of Kolams which are drawn in India. Art in daily life.

A Kolam starts with a handful of water from the bucket. Spreading a few drops on the ground and the line begins. Always from the centre. At first the lines are abstract then they meet and form a harmonious design. More or less figurative. More or less big. More or less coloured. This practice is known as Kolam, a tradition in India.

This Kolam is drawn at the door step, as a welcome sign. It is traced at sunrise so that it shines all day. One likes to do it also in front of a divinity. Women make a Kolam in front of their homes in honour of goddess Lakshmi. She brings good luck and prosperity to the house and to the family. Traditionally, a Kolam is drawn with rice flour… This whiteness is adorned with colours at the time of a feast and even at times with fresh flowers. These moreover often inspire drawings which blend with more geometrical forms. Here symmetry is essential. Repeated. The minuteness is fascinating… An art that No-Mad admires…Inspiration is never far….




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