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Icons from the Bazaar…

There are certain elements that are so intrinsic to the shops in the bazaar…almost iconic traditions that continue to be followed over years and No-Mad embraces them with respect and honour.

A sign of new beginnings, trunks have not only held the precious belongings of people throughout history, but also the feelings that come with the start of a new journey – a heady mixture of excitement, fear, and sheer joy ! Historically, trunks that were decorated with symbols in red – the colour of celebration, fertility and blood, meant good luck. Its only fitting that we pack all our emotions of opening the No-Mad Fabric Shop in this humble red metal trunk.

The bread and butter of the No-Mad Fabric Shop, our fabrics are stocked on the shelves in the traditional book-fold style. Be it hardy canvas, smooth cambric or soft linen, they are a library of our versatile colours and signature prints, ready to be measured, cut and stitched into creations that are only limited by your imagination !

If there is anywhere that our incense is meant to be, it is in the No-Mad Fabric Shop ! Staying true to the experience of entering shops in the bazaar and being hit with the sensory overload of incense, we want to create a more soothing experience with the signature No-Mad scents in our space. After a potentially overwhelming encounter in the streets of Mumbai, we welcome you to step inside into our calming oasis…

Nimbu Mirchi
Everyone has seen a bright yellow nimbu hanging with seven green chillies on doorsteps of homes, shops, and even taxis to ward off evil.  We embrace this simple tradition in the No-Mad universe as well. Hanging on our doorstep and replaced every week, the nimbu-mirchi marks the entrance to our fabric shop. Evil, be warned !

Tape Measure
From crowded fabric bazaars to tiny tailor shops, it is mesmerising to watch the lyrical dance that takes place when expert shopkeepers stretch their arms to measure the rich textiles that flow through their experienced fingers…ours of-course is off-white with clear markings in red !

Fabric Scissors
Literally, “tools of the trade”, these hardworking brass scissors are indispensable to those in the business of fabric. They are sharp, precise, strong, and have such a distinct weight to them that it almost feels like they hold the place together. Artisans often claim or mark their personal pair with scraps of fabric or thread and picking them up to cut fabric becomes a completely intuitive act. There are a number of modern options available in the bazaar these days but when it comes to scissors, we’re definitely partial to the older, timeless version. 

Thread and Needle
This couple features in poetry, children’s books, riddles, and in a fabric shop ! Knowing how to use a thread and needle means having the power to make things last by mending them with love. They seem small, but together they create magic !

Discover the iconic Mumbai Bazaar through the eyes of No-Mad on our journal HERE

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