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Eat with your eyes !

We think of the table as a place to enjoy the season’s best produce, share a fresh cooked meal & spend time with loved ones. Whether under a tree or at home, we take our time to set a table that tells a story…Last weekend, we journeyed to WeWork BKC for Bread and Butter: What’s on the Table? hosted by Dysco, where we setup ~A No-Mad Table~

In true No-Mad style there are always elements and treasures from the bazaar, foraged greens that bring freshness and fragrance, minimal ceramic and glassware, our THALI trays, and of course handmade table linen paired with signature prints and embroideries that speak of our inspiration from India and elsewhere. At No-Mad we truly believe you eat with your eyes first !


Shop our India inspired Handmade Table Collection HERE

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