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No-Mad India

DHATUKA Glass jars..


They are placed in the kitchen. Lackadaisically. By force of habit. You see them but do not look at them any more when you chance upon them in the bazar. Formerly, these jars were closed by a stainless steel lid. Today, the latter is often made of plastic. They are an integral part of daily life although no attention is paid to them. They escape our attention but not No-Mad’s. The brand always returns to the origin. It revisits, reinvents, interprets with respect and has a real desire for authenticity. At No-Mad, these Indian glass jars are brought back to prominence. But not in their completely original form since lids are now made of copper. A blend of transparency and metallic heat. A will to combine with the beauty of tradition, simplicity of daily life and the wealth of culture.

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