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Dadar Flower Market

Chaotic. Busy. Crazy. These are words every Mumbaiker uses to describe the notoriously crowed Dadar Train Station located in the heart of Mumbai. And while one wouldn’t usually associate these words with early mornings (or flowers), they are equally accurate in describing the flower market that thrives right next to the station in a narrow lane under the flyover.

The Dadar Flower Market, also known as “phool gully” which literally means “flower street”, is up and running before sunrise when vendors come in from around Mumbai with their stock of the freshest and most colorful flowers. Stepping under the flyover at 6 am is an experience of following the beautiful scent of roses and jasmine while also trying to fight through people and flower baskets alike.

Vendors can be seen wrapping up the flowers in neatly rolled bundles, making sure they’re vibrant by sprinkling them with water, and proudly showing off their collection of fine florals. In the midst of that they hustle to attract customers with wholesale prices. It almost seems like not only do they expect to bargain, but they also enjoy it !

The customers are tough too ! Old and young…a lot of them are regulars who come to buy fresh marigolds for their morning prayers and then there are others who aren’t regular but woke up early to buy something more exotic for a special occasion.

The Dadar Flower Market is the only one of its kind in the city and a sensory delight worth experiencing. We left with bright and bold red roses which we bought for a steal, followed by a delicious vada pav…a morning truly well spent !

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