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Crows : Birds of Inspiration


He croaks so hoarse and harsh. He flies over Mumbai tirelessly. He inspires No-Mad by his proximity.

A raven, the messenger of death. A  bird with a negative symbol. And yet, it is everywhere. On our roofs, in our trees, above our heads. And if our glance changed the blackness of his plumage, a crow can also have a positive effect..

Because the raven is:

* A close neighbour: he lives near us, is sociable and noisy. He cleans our streets and gardens. He uses a banyan tree to perch his nest on it.

* A protective spirit: thanks to his height, he prevents men from any dangers that threaten him.

* A prophet:  some see messages or advice when he nods and also in his cry. He guides.

* An ideal child: the raven is one of the only birds that not only feed his children but also his parents. In gratitude? In the spirit of community?

* Slender: he is everywhere to the point that we no longer pay attention to him. But a raven has a fine silhouette. His black and grey coat, sometimes iridescent stands out nicely. Simple and elegant.







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