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Connecting Threads: Textiles meet Art

We journeyed to Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum to experience the ongoing textile exhibit. Consisting of works by multiple contemporary Indian artists (a lot of our favourites !), the exhibit explores the cultural and historical role that textiles play in our society as a medium, practice and tradition and the many contexts and meanings we can derive from that.

For No-Mad, textiles are at our core and we stay true to the many craft traditions that we are lucky to have in India be it natural-dyed Indigo, mirror work from Kutch, or even our traditional chawal takka hand embroidery ! We also spotted our fabric shop icons in Nilima Sheikh’s work ! Here are some highlights from the exhibit, a must visit :

L – The Bombay Weaves, Sharmila Samant
R- Untitled, Shakuntala Kulkarni

L – Running Thread, Monali Meher
R- Ignition, Anju Dodiya

L – Ah (A Sigh), Anita Dube
R- Silence (Blood Wedding), Anita Dube

L – Fruits of Labour (A Monument to Exhaustion), Rakhi Peswani
R- Enshrined, Manisha Parekh

Rozgar Series, Nilima Sheikh

Untitled, Priya Ravish Mehra

Reena Saini Kallat



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