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Ancestral Aluminium


A street full of people who have things to do, places to go, and rates to bargain…Kansara Chawl, or more popularly Bartan Bazaar, is a street of metal utensil traders located in one of Mumbai’s busiest markets – Kalbadevi. It is a stone’s throw away from the iconic Victoria Terminus Station and a big source of inspiration for the No-Mad Bazaar collection, especially our MIRAAS aluminium tableware. Not all is business here though. It is worth stopping for a moment, taking in the  chaotic  vibes of the bazaar and making the most of this visual treat !

We are particularly fascinated by the running of The Bombay Aluminium Stores. Run by two brothers, the space is a cross between a living room and an aluminium shop. The two men can be seen moving things around one minute, and sipping chai on a daybed next to their weighing scales the next ! No inch of the shop is left bare…utensils are stacked in every corner and hung from the ceiling too. In between the organized chaos there is a portrait of their ancestor…a humble reminder to the culture of family businesses in India…



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