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The Air India ” Maharaja “


The brainchild of Bobby Kooka and Umesha Rao, Air India’s adorable mascot, the Maharaja was born in 1946. Even though the slightly diminutive Maharaja underwent a ‘hip’ makeover in 2015, he will always be fondly remembered as the smiling figure garbed in regal robes and a feathered turban.

The Maharaja travelled the world and always had a story to tell for each city he visited — whether it was rescuing a mermaid in Sydney or doing Can Can with the cabaret dancers at Moulin Rouge.  Luckily for us, these vintage posters of Air India have not been entirely forgotten and are around. Gently comical, they date back to the 1950s and 60s, when travelling by air was an exotic experience that symbolised ultimate luxury.

We hope you’re as smitten, and overcome by a wave of sweet nostalgia, as we are by these beautiful illustrations found on Pinterest.






Images/Text Via : HuffPost India / Pinterest

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