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ANUJ KOTHARI, No-Mad Founder

Mumbai-born and raised Anuj Kothari grew up in a modern-yet-traditional Marwari family.  Though an engineer by qualification, he always had a creative outlook: décor, food and art were always points of interest from the start.  The idea of embarking upon a creative endeavor was always there, too, waiting for the right moment to crystallize. Having traveled extensively and established himself in the real estate sector, the entrepreneurial spark that would become No-Mad burst into life. Anuj envisioned a “Made In India” brand that embraced a slow lifestyle across diverse product categories.

Completely new to the décor business, he began “wandering” online for inspiration and discovered the work of Valerie Barkowski. He sent her an email introducing himself and after several meetings between Mumbai and Paris, the journey to No-Mad began. The brand’s first collection was launched in 2013.

VALERIE BARKOWSKI, No-Mad Creative Director

Like Anuj, Belgian-born designer Valerie Barkowski grew up by the sea, which might have inspired her wandering spirit. Today she is one of the most celebrated names in contemporary global design and has lived and worked throughout the world, immersing herself in the local arts and crafts of Russia, Morocco and India, to name a just a few. A global citizen currently residing in Morocco,  Valerie’s “heart beats for India”.  She describes her initial inspiration for No-Mad as a daydream of comfort; a nesting place decorated with products that are simple , timeless and authentic, conveying a tactile luxury, and representing a celebration of Indian culture and traditions. Know more about Valerie here

NANDI, Mascot & Muse

Sacred and beautiful. An icon of India since ancient times, Nandi is the original holy bull. As the sturdy companion to Lord Shiva, she is found in temple courtyards throughout India, receiving whispered prayers in her right ear. Decorated for festivals she accompanies musicians throughout the streets of urban and rural Indian villages. Carved in stone or painted in vibrant colors, Nandi is ubiquitous.

Nandi’s aura of energy and her irresistible charm have made her both our  mascot and muse; a beloved, essential traveler on our journey. It began as a simple idea: what about having a bull logo?  Before long, she starred in a series of Portraits and later in one of our standout products – the Nandi Doll cushion.  For No-Mad, she is an instantly recognizable part of our identity, bestowing blessings and conveying strength, beauty, loyalty, and joy.


The No-Mad story is  one of many talents, all united in the pursuit of a shared vision, that of a brand, simple, timeless and authentic.  From artisans to image makers, designers to administrative staff, each of these unique team members help give No-Mad its distinct identity and keep our wheels turning. We at No-Mad respect and celebrate these individuals.

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