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For No-Mad “Daydream” is an inner journey. We live in a world where acceleration is constant. More than ever, we need to pace ourselves and be home in a peaceful environment, surrounded by family and friends, furnishings and objects we love. In this space, the mind is free to wander and daydreams are born. Subconsciously we yearn to live a daydream – to be nesting, protected from the stresses of modern life and free to savor the luxury of what the Italians call “dolce farniente” or the joys of relaxation in carefree idleness.

It is this environment that No-Mad seeks to create with collections that support our individual “nesting” habits. Authentic, utilitarian and beautiful products that express a tactile luxury, and in their materials and construction, a return to sources and traditions.


Leave the door open, breathe influences from elsewhere, and create. No-Mad is a child of India with an imagination born to wander.  No-Mad’s heart beats for India. Its feet are rooted in this land and its eyes celebrate the daily life of the country. So why not make it 100% India? Like capturing the ocean in a bottle, defining and determining all the ingredients that make “Indian-ness” is virtually impossible and certainly impractical.  From textiles to ceramics, furniture to cloth-bound books, No-Mad products are devoted to and inspired by Indian habits, manners, and lifestyle. Whenever possible the expert hands of Indian artisans create No-Mad’s collections, infusing them with the techniques, traditions, and know-how passed down by generations.

So why 3% elsewhere? First, to reverse an age-old trend: India is a well of inspiration that designers and artists from around the world are constantly drawing from. This thirst for India is also felt by No-Mad – in many ways its raison d’être – yet inspirations also come from beyond the borders, flowing inwards toward India and bring with them new breath, new perspectives. Like India herself, No-Mad celebrates the subcontinent  while adopting and adapting the best from elsewhere to make something entirely its own.


Red for love, for prosperity, for the fertile earth that brings the harvests, for the fiery protection of Devi… Red is everywhere in India, vibrant, joyful, and an essential omen for all things auspicious. The color red blazes through the Indian psyche. From the “bindi” on the forehead to the thread wrapped around the wrist to the symbols written over the front door, a mark of red protects and beautifies India. Red was the inspiration for No-Mad’s debut collection and is woven into its very essence.

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