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3% Elsewhere

3 Elsewhere

Leave the door open, breathe influences from elsewhere and create. No-Mad is a child of India but is sometimes wandering beyond it’s homeland imagination.

No-Mad has a heart that beats for India, the feet are rooted in this land, and the glance that delves into the daily life of the country. A 100% Indian brand? Impossible, impractical and perhaps too obtuse as influences combine. But a 100% for India, for sure.

No-Mad, with products devoted entirely to the Indians, their habits, their manners, their lifestyle. Styles/items/products designed to fit into the daily and carried out by a fully Indian production. Whenever possible, the expert hands of indian artisans produce/craft the No-Mad collections in respect of indian know-how and tradition.

So finally, why 3% elsewhere? To reverse the trend first. Because India is a source of inspiration to which the creators of the world are constantly watering. This thirst for India is the essence of No-Mad, its raison to be/exist. But occasionally, the brand allows inspirations from beyond the borders to flow. To bring a new breath. To adapt and capture the best from elsewhere.

This crossing of cultures, is also present through the team that composes ​​this project which has a marked and accepted philosophy. Because for No-Mad, several pairs of eyes facing the same direction will always be a sign of wealth and creativity.

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